Al. Wyścigowa 4B lok. 1-4, Warszawa

+48 22 649 8092

Machinery Factory Leżajsk Nowa Ltd Company – Is the largest Polish manufacturer of automotive hydraulic concrete mixers, components, spare parts and battery-electric trucks and generators.


For almost 40 years FML is a specialist in the production of electric trucks, concrete mixers and Cardan shafts. Today, we launch new products, ie. power generators.

We also offer concrete pumps. In addition, the facility conducts repairs of concrete mixers and services in the field of metalworking and welding unit weight up to 5 tons.


There is a wide range of electric dump trucks, able to transport a variety of materials weighing up to 2 tons. Basic models are used on the production lines in factories, warehouses, as dump trucks and used as at the airports to move/pull airplanes.


Our international customers include construction and manufacturing companies, warehouses and transport industry, as well as hospitals, railways, airports and post offices.


The highest quality of our products is based on applying a reliability and attention to the smallest details. Please feel free to contact us and we hope to work together soon.

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