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Financial Plans

The financial plan is the basis for the financial management of the company, also of the budgetary establishment.
It includes income and expenditure constituting the costs of activities and the status of current assets and the settlement of the budget approved by the Board.


The Financial Plan is treated as a major part of a business plan. It provides a summary of anticipated income and expenditure relating to the implementation of the adopted strategic objective.


Shows the projected investment, course of financial operations, expected profit and growth of the company’s assets which is a consequence of the strategic plan.


The Financial Plan consists mostly of descriptive and financial statements, which must be internally consistent with each other.


The Financial Plan should contain:

  • Key financial indicators: solvency, profitability, liquidity ratios.
  • Prospects for sale. Product sales plan in specified periods of time – a month, a quarter, a year. The expected growth of sales in assumed periods. The volume of sales determined in quantities and financial values.
  • Assumptions to the financial plan. Objectives and tasks of the financial plan contained in the business plan, the long-term, medium-term and short-term expenses. Breakdown of expenditure to the groups. Define the period of financing the production until the income alone allows finance further production
  • Business Plan Results Statement.
  • Cash flow statement.
  • Planned investments and method of their financing.
  • The balance sheet. Assets: fixed assets, current assets, accruals, balance sheet loss. Liabilities: shareholders’ equity, long-term loans and borrowings, obligations, special funds, short-term debt. Financial indicators: determination of the profitability threshold, an indicator of profitability – sales, costs, capital.

Our offer:

  • Preparation of financial plans for the applications for financing (leasing, credit)
  • Indication of funding sources
  • Preparation of financial plans for internal use: parent companies, shareholders, supervisory boards
  • Preparation of financial plans for the business plans, feasibility studies