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Sales support

The entire company should support Sales.


An important element supporting effective sales undoubtedly is a very good perception of brand on the market and it comprises not only the marketing activities but mainly quality of the offered products or services.


Building organisational culture in which each employee is the seller significantly increases the quality of service the sale itself, which, should not be forgotten is the internal client for the entire organisation.


AhProfit offer:

  • Audit of operational processes

(that will provide knowledge as to the efficiency and productivity of communications channels, accuracy and completeness of tasks, competence of employees and the quality of the resources used to support sales. Indicate areas for improvement, define the priorities for the implementation of the necessary changes and the manner of their implementation and further monitoring)


  • CRM systems audit

(which will result in the introduction of real adjustments aimed at optimal and consistent with the objectives of the organization use of this tool and enable effective work with it)