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Mission and vision of the company

The Mission of the company is a concise description of a specificity and uniqueness of its role in satisfying the needs of customers, expressing its own distinctness.


It may be a phrase identifying employees with the company and its objectives. Builds the image of the company. The mission may be the basis on which the strategy and the action plans of the company are based.


“Vision of the company is an image, perception of a company in the future. This is the concept of the future of the company, the most fundamental aspiration, which — to be effective — should be common both for managers and other participants of the organisation”.

K.Obłój „Strategy of an Organisation” p. 235

AhProfit offer:

  • Preparation and implementation of the mission and vision of the company
  • Development of the detailed strategic plan of the company
  • Support activities related to the implementation of the strategic plan.