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Intelligent Sale

Intelligent sale is precise and comprehensive processes management, understanding differences between individual and corporate sales, understanding the mechanisms related to risk management, and finally faultless process of communication and team co-operation.


We believe that every employee, not only whether a Key Account or Sales Representative, is a participant in the sales process.


AhProfit Team prepares and supports the implementation of tools dedicated to a particular sales model.


The smoothness of the processes is a prerequisite for achieving the long-term, strong position on the market. In our solutions we use the opportunities which give dynamically evolving technology, different for the Corporate Client and different for the Individual Client.


Knowledge and understanding of business strategy, individual goals and team objectives and precisely defined incentive systems are the basis to build a strong team. Our consultants will prepare specially for you, the knowledge management supporting tools and integrated tools to support achievement of the objectives pursued.


We provide our clients with strategic and operational solutions, which will bring the following benefits:

  • Rebut the myth: “ Sales Force always remain in competence dispute with Operations”;
  • Optimise Sales Force potential;
  • Optimise sales processes;
  • Optimise knowledge management;
  • Ensure sustained focus on achieving strategic sales targets
  • Permanently adopt negotiation principle “Win – Win”;
  • Implement professional risk management by Sales Force Teams;
  • Bring to Sales Force Teams permanent thinking in terms of Profit and Loss;
  • Ensure keeping the best salespeople for a long time ;
  • Increase Customer Loyalty indicators.