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Interim Management

Interim management is relatively little known concept in Poland. Abroad such a form of co-operation is widely known and used by the owners and managers of enterprises.


The involvement of the interim manager always refers to clearly defined and specific project which execution time frame, depending on the degree of complexity is from 3 months to even 2 years. Interim Manager’s purpose is as quickly as possible, and best perform the tasks defined in the project, these tasks are accomplished with the participation of managers and employees of the Client.


Interim Manager is rarely employed on the basis of a contract of employment, usually there is a special contract for the provision of services, so that the Client does not assume the obligations arising from the labour code.


The most common types of Interim management are:

  • Interim CEO (temporarily takes over management of the company),
  • Interim CFO of (temporarily takes over financial management),
  • Interim Sales & Marketing manager (temporarily takes over management of the sales and marketing department),
  • Interim IT manager (temporarily takes over management of IT department),
  • Interim HR manager (temporarily takes over human resource management),
  • Interim Manufacturing manager (temporarily takes over production management).

Our offer:

  • Temporary support for the management of the company
  • Temporary support in financial management
  • Temporary support in sales and marketing management
  • Temporary support in IT Department management
  • Temporary support in human resources management
  • Temporary support in management of production.