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Change Management

The last 25 years in the Polish economy is a period of twenty unprecedented change. By changing almost from one day to the economic systems Polish companies had to quickly learn how to operate in a global competitive environment.


At the beginning of the road, in the absence of reference points, enough were instinctive skills, emotional intelligence of managers, finally business luck. In today’s economic realities, it’s definitely not enough.


Today’s manager is a super-educated professional, well-understanding the challenges of the surrounding world. This is the person who must be able to give his own direction to the enterprise, so that it is not passively floated on the waves of events beyond his control. This is the leader, who is expected to overcome difficulties, take right strategic decisions and continuously achieve objectives. In view of the multiplicity of choices, the manager has the right to feel confused.


AhProfit Experts thanks to their practical experience and knowledge will help you effectively move from vision and concepts to effective implementation of tasks. At your request, we will pass a practical knowledge of:

  • A proper definition of change
  • Understanding of the change management process
  • The smooth implementation of planned changes
  • Effective management of the implemented change

The scope of Consulting (including training for teams):


  • Reasons causing the need to implement changes
  • Psychological aspects of management with particular emphasis on the resistance of employees to the change
  • Precise definition and understanding of the objectives of the team
  • Defining the change management process.
  • Setting of priorities and time standards
  • Communication in the process of change management
  • Determination of leaders and their teams responsible for the implementation of specific tasks, with particular attention to defining the managerial roles.
  • Motivating to effective implementation of change.
  • Most common managerial errors
  • The process of consolidation of the implemented change.