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Crisis management

The threat of crisis are inherently associated with the conditions of today’s economy.


Strong competition, globalisation, pressure on profits maximising, overwhelming role of the media (sensationalism), are just a few reasons why the crisis will impact the growing number of enterprises. There are no two identical crises, it is therefore impossible the creation of a single, universal crisis plan. However, it is possible to teach the business to operate in crisis and develop its own strategy: contingency plans and emergency procedures.


Any crisis proceeding has several similar phases:

  • Crisis prevention – anticipatory actions to reduce possibility of crisis to provide leadership and co-ordination
  • Preparation of contingency plans and emergency procedures – who, what and when will do, by what means and resources (position management, crisis communication system, crisis alert system, crisis team)
  • Diagnostics of warning signals,
  • Emergency procedures – response after the execution of adverse events– rescue action, minimization of losses , forecasting developments, compliance with the communication discipline (information flow)
  • Plan to return to normal activity – short term (operational minimum), long-term (complete rebuilding of the company made in such a way as to render it more resistant to the next crisis)
  • Draw conclusions from event.

The most important, element of crisis management process is the creation of appropriate to the situation, crisis team. Wherein persons that can potentially create such a team must be selected and trained in advance.


Our offer:

  • Co-operation with AhProfit means to benefit from the experience of experts who managed successfully the real crises, and professional support to each of the phases of a crisis, including the preparation of contingency plans, emergency procedures, together with the relevant specialist training.