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Mergers & acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are transactions used by companies to achieve specific strategic and financial goals.


The consequence may be a combination of the two entities into one organization in such a way to achieve new goals, jointly participate in the market (merger) or purchase such number of shares of one company by the other, that gives the ability to control the whole, which results in that a purchased company is incorporated in the structure of the acquirer (acquisition).


Participants of mergers and acquisitions, might be companies completely different in terms of management style, organizational culture and value systems, hence the success of the operation depends on how effectively they are able to integrate with each other.


AhProfit consultants are involved in these processes from the stage of preparation of strategic concept, to the supervision and coordination of the maintenance work of the entire project.


AhProfit offer:

  • Service of mergers, acquisitions and management buy-outs transactions
  • consultancy in selecting the proper subject of acquisition or investor,
  • conducting various forms of Due Diligence studies,
  • merger strategy preparation,
  • co-ordination and supervision of the proceedings and the closing of the transactions
  • creation of a friendly and safe legal environment of the transactions.