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Alternative models

Every company operating in the realities of the market economy to succeed needs to build its competitive advantage.


For the majority of companies about their current market position will not decide their capital advantages, whether the effect of the scale of the operation.


You must therefore seek other ways of building viable (profitable) business, being aware of its financial constraints.


According to the AhProfit Team, the key to success for this type of business is being innovative and break with standard, well-trodden ways of thinking about running the economic activity.


Therefore we offer a comprehensive survey of your current business models to increase their efficiency, finding a market niche, proposing different, alternative innovative solutions which based on reliable financial analysis will permit for the construction of a stronger market position of your company and clearly distinguish itself from the competition.


We all live in a rapidly changing world of the technological revolution, the beginning of the 21st century. Today, consumer behaviour is fast-changing, old proven methods no longer work.


AhProfit Team will help exploit the opportunities of new technologies, by building business models based on their skilful use.


Our offer:

  • Preparation of project for sales network optimisation,
  • Conduct audit, optimise sales processes,
  • Design and implementation of a new sales model with particular reference to the use of the latest technology.