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Business Consulting

Strategic Consulting (management consulting) is a part of economic consultancy encompassing a holistic, comprehensive approach to the various types and aspects of economic activity.


It is a direct support to firms’ management aiming to determine strategy and the most effective achievement of the objectives set for the organization.
Strategic Consulting was born with the development of management theory as a response to the continuing need to increase the productivity of firms and the need to create precise plans / strategies.


The first company in the consultancy industry was established in 1886 by an American professor Arthur D. Little (company operates under that name also today), and the first company dedicated strictly to strategic consultancy was founded in 1926 in Chicago and is today one of the world leaders in this market, this is McKinsey & Company.


Dynamically changing – in market conditions – environment of the organization makes the selection of an appropriate strategy is not only a binder that connects all areas and aspects of the company, but also a key factor in the success of the organization.


The strategy is not given once and for all – quickly outdates. Organizations need to take care of determining new tasks and new, ambitious goals.


Moreover no one is able to create a perfect strategy, which will not need to be creatively corrected during its implementation. Even within the industry there is no single solution optimal and matched to each situation, company, or organization.


That is why so important in strategic consulting is an individual approach of the consultant to correctly diagnosed problem, his practical experience, wide horizons, openness to new ideas and the ability to take rational business risk.


AhProfit is a strategic consulting firm that is not afraid to actively participate in the implementation of the prepared strategies and plans (interim management).


Our the most commonly performed tasks are:

  • conducting of strategic analyzes
  • preparation and implementation of strategic projects
  • analysis of industry and competition
  • recommendations / justifications of strategic choices of organizations
  • change management
  • preparation and implementation of changes in the organizational structure
  • preparation and implementation of risk management systems
  • preparation and implementation of quality improvement systems
  • preparation and implementation of incentive systems
  • evaluation of enterprise resource / organization


The most fascinating in consultant’s job is the pace of our activities, personal participation in the transformation of enterprises, continuous change.
We work in many industries, sometimes in radically different projects, but always bearing in mind that our main goal is long lasting improvement of the Client’s results.
We are at your disposal.