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Process Management

Every company that wants to build a long-term competitive advantage and optimally manage intellectual capital available, should build the organisational culture based on process management.


Process Management focuses on translating the strategic objectives of the company to the objectives of individual business processes, reducing costs while enhancing the quality of the services provided.


Ensures that all participants in the process are intended to achieve the same, previously pursued objective, without loss of time, cost, intellectual. Careful description, illustrating, and “measure” of the current state of the organisation should be a priority task for each manager to optimise the activities for which is responsible.


Critically important element of the process management is inextricably linked to it the risk management system, which also requires a definition, continuous monitoring and implementation of the necessary actions to reduce or eliminate the risk.


Our offer:

  • conduct mapping of current processes
  • describe and illustrate current processes
  • indication of the owners of the particular processes
  • identification of the processes of no added- value
  • identification of bottlenecks and critical points
  • risks survey
  • analysis and modification of existing processes’ indicators
  • preparation of project of modification processes after their optimisation
  • preparation of the complete dossier for process management
  • preparation of the plan of changes implementation
  • support in change implementation