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Due diligence

Due diligence – the exposure of the company, being a subject of potential take-over, on comprehensive analysis in terms of its commercial, financial, legal and tax condition in order to identify the related opportunities and risks before starting the appropriate negotiations on capital transactions.


This analysis is carried out on the basis of information already possessed, in such areas as:


  • products/ services (current, implemented, planned or considered)
  • business environment – clients and competitors
  • management team
  • company’s organisation
  • financial analysis
  • other: analysis of legal aspects, accounting analysis.

Due diligence is the inherent process on each transaction. It gives the potential buyer, the results of independent expertise and analysis of risks and abilities of the proposed transaction.

This allows to minimise the risks associated with the post transactional events as well as provides a solid basis for post transactional integration process.


AhProfit offer:


AhProfit experts perform “Due Diligence” analysis for principals that intend to take over the operating enterprises. Often such researches are performed at the principals that intend to divest its company (Vendor Due Diligence) in order to optimise preparation for such transaction.