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Risk Management

We assume the risk already by the mere fact of the existence: of a human being, property, enterprise. Risk is a probability of happening adverse event, which might cause damage or loss that is in participation of one whom the event concerns. Risk management are number of managing actions which are to identify and estimate the risk and combat its causes and impacts on the business.

It is interdisciplinary action directed to four sources of  imperfections: equipment, software, organisation and people. There are many named perils. Objective and subjective, pure and speculative. Regardless of their nature and level of complexity, it is important whether and how we understand them and how we can be prepared to reduce  and eliminate them.

AhProfit  Team, in all areas of its activity is focused on risk management, to ensure companies, managed by our Clients, harmonious development and the achievement of their business goals.

At your request we will provide:

  • Security Audit
  • We will help you in the selection and preparation of safety policy (strategy)
  • We will conduct identification of the risks in a given, chosen area (measure them – assess and prioritise according to established criteria)
  • We will help you implement methods of risks control (handling risks), such as, among others: avoiding the risks, retaining part of the risks, reduction of risks, risks transfer e.g. on the insurance company
  • We will indicate the possible ways of financing risks
  • We will analyse your current insurance program
  • We will prepare the instructions and other documents necessary for the effective administration of the risk management programme (among others, checklists, plans and procedures for emergency)
  • We will prepare the plan of return to normal activities (business continuity plan)
  • Day-to-day management of the existing risk management programme (Administration).