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Strategic Management

Strategy – a word derived from the Greek strate-gos. These two words mean selected, on the basis of outstanding accomplishments, person who led the army and created the concept of fighting.


This function as an extremely responsible, coincided few – and the candidates for the strategic posts needed to meet a number of requirements, such as an extensive range of knowledge, real experience and demonstrate a healthy dose of pragmatism.


Strictly adhered was the principle not to choose as strategist a neutral, not involved emotionally person. According to this rule, strategist of besieged or threatened city could not remain a person who did not have family or wealth in this city.


Today companies are building such a commitment through financial and non-financial forms of remuneration of employees and consultants (management options, special incentive schemes, interim management, special mental training, mentoring), granting substantial part of their remuneration in the form of company shares.


Strategic Management means, depending on the condition of the organization, following actions or a combination thereof:

  • Establishing long-term goals and methods to achieve them
  • Ordinance allocations of founds on previously well-defined goals
  • Indication of decision-makers, and outline of the organizational structure
  • Targeting on analysis, strategic planning techniques, further development and innovation in order to guarantee a fixed position in the market
  • Determination of the general rules of conduct and operation of the company
  • Establish mechanisms for solving problems and dealing with new challenges.

Strategic Management connects always with satisfying, often conflicting expectations of key stakeholder groups such as shareholders and owners, suppliers and dealers, borrowers and lenders, government and public agencies, consumers, competitors, local community, and representatives of environmental protection.


AhProfit experts will help achieve the following objectives:

  • Formulate the mission of the company, meaning indicate what the organization has to strive for, or what needs has to satisfy
  • Define the vision of the company, which determine the current state of the organization and show the state that is to be achieved in the future
  • Develop detailed strategic plan.