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Incentive Programs

There is a common belief that the most effective motivator, particularly for the sales teams are simply money. With the experiences and analyses carried out by the experts of  AhProfit, it appears that the incentive factors are much more diversified:

  • the possibility of learning, promotions,
  • work conditions, relations with the team,
  • relations with superiors,
  • the effectiveness of negotiations,
  • and they change according to the sales model.

It is clear that different motivators are for sales person in direct sales and different for sales person in corporate sales.


Even the best incentive program, if is not consistent with properly working operational processes and optimal knowledge management, will not become driving force for sales in the long term period.


AhProfit offer:

  • AhProfit Experts will help to identify weak points of the current incentive programme and will develop and support deployment of comprehensive incentive programmess, relevant to the selected sales models.