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Leadership skills

The leader is not only a person with special innate abilities born that way – but rather a person who became or learnt to be a leader. And this learning process should never be stopped.


Even successful, reputable leaders have to continuously improve his/ her workshop. Should strive to more effectively inspire (using the potential of every individual member of the team), must more carefully listen (because each idea is worth this), must take care of a very fragile relationships in a team and must be able to share the positive energy, optimism, belief in his own and team’s abilities.


We perceive Leadership as a process of achieving the intended results.

  • The members of the Management Board define strategy
  • Senior Managers decide about the necessary resources to implement the strategy
  • Managers shall ensure the implementation of the strategy
  • All employees shall provide results through their contribution into the implementation of the strategy


There is no team that may reach measurable success or survive the crisis without a true leader, a person who is able to positively affect others with his/her enthusiasm, motivate people to hard work, whose leadership and decisions will naturally be accepted and followed.


On such a people depends whether your company reaches success. It is such people, who together with the sales and support teams can build a real competitive advantage of the company.



Our offer:

AhProfit experts will advise how to create an internal leader (self-management) and external one (manage a team, organization, region). In cooperation we will develop mechanisms and techniques that will enable you to:


  • Identify target or task and specify it by showing it in numbers
  • Provide working solutions and an efficient action strategy
  • Take decisions, recognize and take risk in order to gain advantages
  • Create a chorus of positive “believers” in common ideas and “infect’ with energy,
  • Get support for yourself as a leader through optimism, honest communication, honesty and charisma,
  • Show by self-example how to move from the version “I’m trying ” to “I win”,
  • Motivate employees to committed and effective actions,
  • Reward and evaluate: people, teams and projects,
  • Listen carefully, properly express appreciation or disapproval,
  • Propose and enforce the necessary changes: in teams, projects, organizations,
  • Define and correct work standards,
  • Define the criteria of success: for people, teams and projects,
  • Contribute to sustainable development of the organization, professional and personal development of its employees.