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Research and analysis

AhProfit Team conducts research in whole Poland and locally.


Our Clients receive from us developed specially for them optimal, strategic and operational solutions which review the feasibility of the project and face the effectiveness of company. We perform quantity and quality tests.


AhProfit experts will provide all kind of analyses, such as:

  • Security audit, sometimes called technical vetting is a comprehensive method for evaluation of the risk of economic activity involving the following areas:


– business environment (economic, legal)
– processes management (technological, operational)
– technical infrastructure (machinery and equipment)
– back – office
– control systems, security
– risk management systems, plans and contingency procedures


Audit provides precise description and classification of risks, knowledge of the occurred and potential damage, optimisation of the risk management process, opportunity of the choice of adequate scope of insurance cover, opportunity to make an deliberate choice of priorities regarding business operation.

  • Financial Analysis

The study that properly and effectively assess the overall activities of the company and allows managers to take appropriate decisions and choose the proper path of the company’s development and next to the legal audit is an essential element both in current work and building a long-term strategy of the company. Objective in itself is to provide reliable knowledge about finance of the company which are a key element in the overall process of management.

  • Legal Analysis, also called legal audits

Thanks to the co-operation with the best legal offices AhProfit can prepare for you very wide-ranging and comprehensive legal  analysis, both in regards to decision-making process taking place within the company and your partners.

  • Process analysis

AhProfit Team will provide you with a map of the current business processes in graphic and descriptive form. Will develop a matrix of processes with an indication of the individual organisational units participating in them. Will verify the current control mechanisms and will determine the actual owners of the processes. Will verify the applied processes indicators, identify critical points, “bottlenecks” and tasks or sequences of tasks not generating added value. We will provide also identification of risks associated to particular processes. On the basis of the conducted analysis, we will develop for you methods for optimisation and re-modelling of the business processes in order to reduce costs while maintaining or enhancing the quality of performed tasks. We will prepare for you full documentation that describes processes, tasks, performance measures, risks, procedures, instructions. You will also receive deployment model and change management plan description associated with the modification processes. AhProfit experts will also support you in further implementation process and the management of change.

  • Analysis of the risk management system

We will identify the risks specific to your company profile. We will prepare register of risks, with an indication of their owners and business processes, to which they relate. We will prepare the cards of the risks, their definitions, methods of identification, methods of measuring and responding to particular risks. We will develop reporting system at various levels of the organisation. We will suggest methods of elimination or minimisation of identified risks. We will prepare a map, that will show various weight and levels of risk. As a result of this work, we will define a risk management strategy, including the design of an unified risk management system for the entire organisation.

  • Marketing research

Marketing research, often underestimated, are extremely important part of strategic management. Reduce the risk of making the wrong managerial decision, help to build competitive advantage, indicate the appropriate way for business development, help optimise business processes, and minimise the risks associated with operations. Depending on the business model of the company and its management business needs, marketing research can be conducted in different fields and at different levels.

AhProfit will prepare:

– Market research
– Market analysis
– Research on demand
– Research of the business environment
– Research of credibility of the business partner
– Competition research
– Company’s Image research

  • HR survey

Research for further planning or a diagnosis of the current situation are crucial element of capital management of each company. Ensure that operations are well considered, burdened by a low risk of mistake. Provide knowledge necessary for precise planning of further management activities. The magic word “Corporation” is primarily a smaller or a larger group of people. No people, no business. This is the most important capital in building a competitive advantage and development of the company. Research conducted in the area of HR show the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation. Allow for the implementation of actions aimed at the optimum intellectual capital management of the company. Thought they ensure deliberate teamwork and full participation in the pursuit of harmonious development of the company. AhProfit experts will conduct tests of competence, advise on the development of teams and recruitment of key personnel, will determine the path of career development, plan of succession and help maximize human capital in the organization.