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Negotiation Process

Negotiation is an activity that concerns us all. We negotiate in social, family and professional life. Arrangements made during the negotiations allow us to set targets and determine their feasibility.


Entering important negotiations, we should possess proper information about the partner, his strategy, history of development, market position, turnover, profits, sales and purchasing structure.


It is very important that the negotiator has the authority to take decisions on behalf of the company. Negotiator needs to know which conditions are acceptable and which are absolutely not. A very important feature of a good negotiator is listening skills combined with the ability to analyze interlocutor’s arguments, logical formulation of its opinions and its demands.


Very important features of a negotiator are empathy, emotional self-control , diplomacy, flexibility and the ability to compromise that meets Client’s expectations.


Professional negotiators claim that the success of negotiations is 90% adequate preparation for the conversation, and only 10% of negotiation skills.


AhProfit Offer:


Our experts will provide you with ‘due diligence’ report dla future vendors considering take-over of functioning enterprises. In is common to request such report in order to sell the very own company. The purpose for it would be to anticipate future requirements of potential investors or buyers.