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Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Initial public offering on the stock exchange is an end result of the complicated process: of performing comprehensive analysis, development of formal legal documents and the prospectus and effective placing the offer among investors.


It is a complex process, designed to adjust the company to the requirements of the capital market. The stock market debut for the company is an important step in development since the company by agreeing to go public agrees to disclose its activities to all participants of the capital market.


This entails a number of additional obligations and costs, but the benefits from shares / bonds issuance are much larger: relatively cheap capital raising that enables the company to grow at a rapid pace and increase credibility with potential business partners.
AhProfit experts will help you with:

  • formal duties regarding IPO,
  • memorandum preparation,
  • proper fulfillment of the information obligations incumbent on the company,
  • preparation of a draft resolution on the transformation of the company,
  • preparation to fulfill disclosure obligations.