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Feasibility study

Feasibility study of the project is an extended version of the business plan.
It is a thorough analysis of the project, industry, service, or product.


It contains:


  • financial analysis of the market,
  • study the macroeconomic environment and trends
  • study of the socio-economic conditions,
  • legal analysis,
  • analysis of the location and competition,
  • analysis of technology,
  • investment planning,
  • implementation plan,
  • fund raising,
  • projections of revenues and profits,
  • risk analysis,
  • environmental impact analysis.

Knowing the results of the feasibility study allows a better estimation of income and expenditure, finding out more about the competition, possibilities of attracting investment and development funds.


Project’s feasibility study can reduce costs and avoid unnecessary expenses, often facilitates the acquisition of new funds for the development of the company.


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