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Sales Dream Team

Build and consolidation of competitive advantage and increase in sales are among the most important factors impacting on business development.


Achieving business success in the long term is not possible without a professional, dedicated sales team. We must remember that there are many factors motivating salespeople to achieve the best results.


Contrary to common belief, these are not only salary, incentive programmes and other so called “benefits”. Best sales team needs the best operational processes before and after sales.


Wise leadership, wise knowledge management, construction of culture of “self-learning organisation” guarantees a good offer for sale team. In the organisation, all employees are for each other internal clients, what is unfortunately often forgotten.


AhProfit Consultants propose to conduct the following projects designed to build a solid Sales Team:

  • Finding and creating team leaders,
  • Support and development of their competence and knowledge,
  • Equipping leaders with tools for more efficient daily management of the sales team
  • Audit of communication processes,
  • Audit of knowledge management systems,
  • Development of incentive programme,
  • Support in recruitment processes,
  • Development and implementation of plans for succession